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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Jungle trekking at last!

Its been ages since anyone wrote anything and has time passed by since then!
A lot of us are going through different stages in life, one of many joys and sorrows- the things that make life as a human, human.

Whatever it is, the young women in Segambut have recently created havoc in the outskirts of Selangor to participate in a full fun blast of jungle trekking and survived a whole day in the outdoors! While many would have preferred to remain within the comforts of home and tv loungers, our girls strutted their macho stuff to the wildlife and beauty of the creations of God.

Hopefully, we can get our hands on good photographs to showcase them right here for your viewing pleasure.

Apart from that, I invite all Puteris to contribute to this Jungle trekking segment, and share with the rest of us who did not get the chance to participate, their stories.

CONTRIBUTE TODAY! U never know what we can learn from your experiences!


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